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Robot Maze – Year 4

Today Year 4s were trying to program their robots to use two touch sensors to escape from a maze.  They had to set a time limit on their program loop of 20 seconds.  Reflecting on the experience, many students realised how important failure is in the problem solving process.

We had to get our robot out of a challenging maze. We did it by making the robot do loops for 20 seconds. In the loop we programmed the robot to drive forward until the front touch sensor was pressed, then drive backwards in a curve until the back sensor was pressed.

– Aidann


The first time we tried to get out of the maze, we didn’t succeed but we changed the programming and we passed level 1! Then we had to do the hard level. It was pretty hard. We made the turn sharper, but we still didn’t succeed. So we changed the direction the robot faced at the start.  We learn from our mistakes because we will eventually get out and we won’t be eaten by the vampire.

– Lisa, Chloe and Sara


One time I tested my program and the robot just kept going back and forth in a straight line. I just needed to work on the turning backwards so that it would get to a different part of the maze.  The second time the robot just got stuck in the corner and couldn’t move.  To fix it we had to make a sharper turn.  We learnt that everyone makes mistakes so when we make mistakes we keep on trying to fix it up until we solve the problem.

– Geordie

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