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This term we have started some simple programming on which is quite fun for me because I’ve always looked up to programmers and designers. This video shows what I made in two lessons. It’s not completed yet but it will be better soon. I am planning to make the characters interact with each other and have an objective so one player may win and the other will lose.

Tynker is a simple way to program because you don’t need to know the code languages. You can just fit each block together to build your program.

Here’s a screenshot of some of my code and a video of me demonstrating.

Keane 6B

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2 Responses to “Tynker”

  1.   GoTynker (via Twitter) Says:

    Great work Keane! We love your fighting game, chars are cool (little guy is quite a fighter!).Love to see more work, keep sharing!

  2.   Mikaila Says:

    Good job Keane! That was so cool! I loved how you made it fighting and you did it so well. Great job!!!! I If I were a judge I would rate that 10/10 😄😄😄😄. GREAT JOB!!!!!!

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